Our Story

Welcome to CloudWine...
We are Denise and Anne McGilligan, mother and daughter, founders of CloudWine. We run this business together because we both know how important it is to have a glass of cold wine in the Spring/Summer at the beach, park, holidays, roadtrips or staycations. It also keeps wine warm for up 12 hours, which is perfect in the Autumn/Winter. 

We've came up with a brilliant way to keep your wine cold on a hot summer's day!
We created our CloudWine wine insulator when we were laying by the pool in Portugal. And like a lot of people on holidays, were on a mission to keep our wine cold without constantly having to look for ice or go to the bar.
That's when we came up with this amazing product, which can actually keep your wine cold for up to 24 hours. Not only that it holds a full bottle of wine and currently comes in four colours; Kiss Me Pink, Midnight Black, Ice Queen and Cherry Cheer. Our bottles are also aesthetically pleasing.
We have now also launched wine tumblers which will match your wine bottle. Our tumblers are perfect for on-the-go wine and come with a lid to avoid any sand or flies getting into your wine while on the beach or the garden. 

We have clients like Sarah who likes to go on her monthly trip to the cinema with her bottle of wine. And she raves about CloudWine because no-one knows that she's drinking wine and it keeps her wine cold, no matter how long the film is.

With CloudWine you will never have to worry about a warm glass of wine again!