How can I care for my CloudWine bottle?

You can wash your CloudWine bottle by filling it 1/4 of the way with some warm water and cleaning up liquid. Put the lid back on and shake for 30 seconds. Rinse your bottle back out and leave to air dry.

Although we know it is easier, our CloudWine bottle is not recommended for the dishwasher. Only the bottle-top lid is safe for use by the dishwasher.   


Will the bottle hold a full bottle of wine?

Yes, our bottle holds a full 750ml bottle of wine. 


How long will the bottle keep my drink cool for?

The CloudWine bottle keeps your wine cool for up to 24 hours, and can also keep your drink hot for 12 hours. 

*Please be aware that you should try to keep your bottle out of direct sunlight, as this may have an impact on the temperature of your drink. 


How does the bottle work? Does the bottle cool your wine or does the wine have to be cooled already? 

Our CloudWine bottles are not designed to be wine coolers. You must cool your wine in the fridge before pouring it into your Cloud Wine bottle, we recommend 12 hours. 

If you like to enjoy your wine ice cold, why not throw a few ice cubes into your bottle as well?